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Title: Version history.
Post by: Chip on July 02, 2011, 11:58:31 am
Version history:

Fixed icon text distortion.
Fixed 100% cpu load on some configurations.
Fixed slow rendering on integrated Core i3 SandyBridge video card.
Added themes and colors settings
Lots of optimizations and bugfixes.
Updated Requirements OpenGL 2.0 (VBO, PS 2.0, VS 2.0)

Added icon formations (see help )
Added desktop search (see help )
Updated mouse control system (see help )
Fixed several bugs

Fixed bug with incorrect region setting for windows after show.
Icon size adjusted to window size.
Fixed blank window screenshot on Intel video cards.
Fixed several minor bugs with 64-bit applications.
Disabled unsafe and live modes.
Updated mouse wheel state detection.

Updated screenshoting and window detection mechanism.
Fixed scrolling minor bugs.

Fixed possible freezing after icon name editing.
Fixed "access violation" after closing first window in stack and scroll.
Disabled ShowWindow command for windows which not support it correctly.

Added Safe Mode and set as default to faster loading and avoid window restoring+flickering on first screenshot.
Fixed memory leak.

First release.